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Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds are made with two pieces of fabric, which both have alternating panels/bands. When the bands on both pieces of fabric are matched together, you get the look of horizontal blinds when open, including an outside view and natural light filtering into the room. To block the light and increase your privacy, you simply rotate the fabric so the solid colour bands fill the entire shade, giving the look of a traditional roller shade. Choose from 19 colours and patterns to match any decor.


Roller & Dual Roller Blinds Roller Blinds are just what they sound like – Blinds that you can roll or unroll over your window. They are one of the most practical and low maintenance windows covering options. With the simplicity of Roller Blinds and the versatility of their colors, every room can be tailored to your specific standards which make roller blinds a popular window covering option for both homes and offices alike. They have the easiest operating mechanism and can be operated via a chain slider or with a remote in case of a motorized option. They are also extremely durable and last for many years. Roller Blinds have an elegant and classic look. Several designs and patterns are available in Roller Blinds. The range of colors extends from bright neon to soothing pastel shades. Not only solid colors but printed designs and patterns are also available.


The beauty of Roman Shades is their ability to adjust light in any room while making your windows look fantastic. They’re simple, functional and attractive. Roman blinds are great insulators – https://blindstudio.ca/roman-blinds/

and they can be lifted above the window so natural light isn’t compromised. They’re neat when raised, acting as a pelmet which completes the look of the window. Roman blinds are traditionally operated by a cord lock system, but can also be installed with a chain system, or fully motorised.